Monday, 13 March 2017

Cricket Semi Final!

Last Thursday and last Friday Verity (My Sister) and I had a cricket semi final. It was a very very VERY close game, getting too intense and tight for comfort it came down to 1 wicket and 1 run to win.
By the end of our bowling we had to chase 235 runs with only 5 wickets in hand. The first 3 wickets fell fast leaving Verity and another batter of our team out there with just 2 wickets left. At drinks we only needed about 50 runs! We were tied before you knew it but Verity was unfortunately run out on a no ball and if you are not familiar with cricket you can only get out on a no ball if it is a runout and a no ball also equals a run so we won then but the people who were keeping track of the runs did not realise it was a no ball until after the game so everyone thought we were still tied. And so the next batter came in but the batter that Verity was batting with hit up high and someone caught it we all thought we lost but Miss G (My sister and coach and umpire of our team) called it a no ball so we won! It was a very tight game but we made it and even we tied I think we would of won anyways.

P.S My sisters Verity and Han have made their own blogs. Links>  Verity's Blog  Han's Blog

Monday, 28 November 2016

A Hot Summer day

Yesterday three of my sisters and myself (Miss G, Miss O, Miss V and I) went to watch the Southern Stars (Australian female cricket team) play against South Africa's women's team. It was the first time that I had seen cricket stars in real life! My favourite player is Elyse Perry who is probably one of the most famous female cricketers. Australia won the toss and decided to bat first. I saw all the players bat and most of the players bowl. It was a great game and ended up being a draw which is very rare in cricket. I was very happy since I also got to see Nicole Bolton and Elyse Perry get their 50s! I also got 3 signatures! Here are some photos I took and edited I hope you like them. (To help tell the difference Elyse Perry is number 8 and Alex Blackwell is number 2)

Saturday, 15 October 2016

My First Cricket Game

 Yesterday I played the first day of my very first cricket game! I took 4 wickets! I was very happy and my family were there to see it. It is a two-week game so next Friday our team can finish the game. Miss V (my 12 year old sister) took a wicket too, she was the first bowler of the day and a couple overs later it was my turn to bowl. I took 2 wickets in my first over and then another 2 wickets in my second over, so all up I took 4 wickets. I could not have done it without the teaching and practice my sisters and brothers have given me. Miss G (one of my 18 year old twin sisters) was coaching and I couldn't have had a better coach for the day. Miss V was playing with me and my family was watching me so I had quite a lot of company. Here are some photos that show how excited the team and I were when I took those wickets! Hope you enjoy! And I am sorry I haven't posted in a month.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Bird Buddys

Today my Mum and I found these two Crested Hawks but now called the Pacific Bazar. They may not look big in the photo but when you really look at them in real life they look like the size of your leg if you're me. At first look I thought they were just normal causal birds but when I got a good look at them they gigantic! This type of bird is unusual to see around houses, my dad said that they are probably looking to make a nest.                                                                                                                                                


Friday, 22 July 2016

Having a Little Dip

Today we found a little friend in our pool area taking a little dip in our pool.

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Walk in Town

Yesterday my Mum and I went on a walk to catch the sunset. We found a lovely garden growing amongst the roots of a gigantic fig tree which had some lovely flowers. After that we walked to the bridge hoping that there would be a nice sunset. But unfortunately there wasn't much of a sunset but I still could not resist taking some photos.
This flower is called a MariGold
On The bridge
Sweet Alyssum

Friday, 1 July 2016

A Day Trip To Angourie

Yesterday my family went out on a day trip to Angourie. First we went to the look out where we could see the beach and the rocks, we found some dolphins and whales! Then we went on a walk along the coastline. We brought some food along with us so we ate that for lunch. We love beaches! So we went to down to the beach and rocks. After that we went to a place called The Blue And Green Pools.

From the Lookout

On the Walk


At the rocks

On the rocks

The Dolphins